2x Warning Sticker Signs / Notices for Septic Tanks

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Waterproof stickers to remind users to refrain from putting tampons and other foreign items into the toilet in order to prevent blockage or damage to the septic tank

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This self adhesive sign will help you save on the cost of unnecessary repairs to your Septic Tank system.  Ideal for homes, hotels, offices, tenanted properties and anywhere else which utilises a septic tank.

The sign will prevent users from throwing foreign objects, such as tampons and wet wipes down your toilet and give you more recourse as a landlord if they do.

The vinyl is waterproof so can be fitted under the lid of the toilet, on the cistern, or anywhere else which is likely to get wet.  Rounded edges prevent it from peeling off or being worn during cleaning.  For best results when fitting under the toilet lid, position the sign so that it will still be visible when the seat is also up.
Measurements are 18 x 9cm.


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